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Smart Array P840/4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller

Smart Array P840/4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller

Referentie: 726897-B21

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HP Smart Array P840/4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller


AuteursrechtverklaringHet uiterlijk van het product kan afwijken van de getoonde afbeeldingen. © 2014 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. De informatie in dit document kan zonder voorafgaande kennisgeving worden gewijzigd. Specifieke kenmerken kunnen per model variŽren. De garantie voor HP producten en services is vastgelegd in de garantieverklaringen bij de betreffende producten en services. Niets in deze documentatie kan worden opgevat als rechtgevend op extra garantie. HP is niet aansprakelijk voor technische of andere fouten of omissies in dit materiaal.
GarantieThe warranty for this device is 3 years parts only. Pre-Failure Warranty: Drives attached to the Smart Array Controller and monitored under Insight Manager are supported by a Pre-Failure (replacement) Warranty.
Gewicht0.45 kg
Juridische disclaimer afbeeldingProduct kan in werkelijkheid anders zijn
Kenmerk4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller
KenmerkForm factor
KenmerkGeneration supported
KenmerkPort attribute
KenmerkProduct differentiator
KenmerkSmart Array 12Gb/s SAS
KenmerkSmart Array P840 controller; Product Warranty Statement Quick Install Card
KenmerkWhat's included
KopregelConfiguration Is Efficient and Simple
KopregelData Protection with Encryption Capability
KopregelIncreased Performance for Smoother Operations While Providing Lower Latency
Materieel product-vlagYes
Minimumafmetingen (b x d x h)11.13 x 16.76 x 1.45 cm
ProductclassificatievlagStandard HP Product
ProductnaamHP Smart Array P840/4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller
ProductomschrijvingHP Smart Array P840/4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller
Rechter zijkolom, boodschapInformation library
Rechter zijkolom, boodschapQualified Options
Rechter zijkolom, boodschapSecure Encryption
Rechter zijkolom, boodschapSmart Storage Administrator
Rechter zijkolom, boodschapSmartCache
Rechter zijkolom, boodschapSSD Smart Path
Rechter zijkolom, koptekstAdditional resources
Rechter zijkolom, koptekstSupport resources
Rechter zijkolom, URLhttp://h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/enterprise/servers/products/qualified-options/index.aspx
Rechter zijkolom, URLhttp://h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/enterprise/servers/solutions/info-library/index.aspx?cat=smartstorage
Rechter zijkolom, URLhttp://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantstorage/arraycontrollers/smartcache/index.html
Rechter zijkolom, URLhttp://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantstorage/software-management/smartpath/index.html
Rechter zijkolom, URLhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/server-software/product-detail.html?oid=5409020#!tab=features
Rechter zijkolom, URLhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/server-software/product-detail.html?oid=6532260
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Voornaamste verkoopargumentData compatibility between the HP Smart Array Controller family allows simple and easy migration at any time when needs for higher performance, capacity, or availability increase such as converting an existing storage volume to more advanced disk array configuration.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentDelivers predictive spare activation for improved rebuild and increased uptime even in a recovery mode.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentHP SmartCache comes standard with this controller providing both read and write acceleration for workloads such as databases or web pages.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentLong-term data retention with 4 GB Flash Backed Write Cache (FBWC) for improved data reliability.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentOffers transportable 4 GB DDR3-1866 Flash Backed Write Cache (FBWC) providing up to 14.9 GB/s cache bandwidth to reduce latency in write-intensive applications that require heavy logging such as databases.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentThe HP Smart Array P840 controller allows eight plus eight Small Form Factor (SFF) drives to be attached, configured and managed by the easy-to-use HP Smart Storage Administrator software which is included in the intelligent provisioning of the server.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentThe HP Smart Array P840 Controller offers optional HP Secure Encryption capability that protects data at rest on any bulk storage attached to the controller.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentThis controller supports up the 16 drives without need for the SAS Expander Card providing point to point connectivity to SSDs that provides the lowest latency.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentThe HP Smart Array P840 Controller delivers 12 Gb/s SAS connectivity for HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers when connected to 12 Gb/s internal storage devices for increased performance in messaging, database or general server applications.