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Memory 8GB (1x8GB) Single Rank x8 DDR4-2400 CAS-17-17-17 Unbuffered Standard Memory Kit

Memory 8GB (1x8GB) Single Rank x8 DDR4-2400 CAS-17-17-17 Unbuffered Standard Memory Kit

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Customer Friendly Product DescriptionDDR4 Standard Memory
Feature(1) HPE 8GB (1x8GB) Single Rank x8 DDR4-2400 CAS-17-17-17 Unbuffered Standard Memory Kit
Feature8GB DDR4-2400 single rank UDIMM, low cost, high quality memory option for HPE 10 series ProLiant Gen9 entry servers
FeatureDIMM capacity
FeatureDIMM rank
FeatureDIMM type
FeatureMemory for (processor type)
FeatureProduct differentiator
FeatureWhat's included
HeadlineHigh Performance
HeadlineHigh Reliability
HeadlineIncreased Efficiency
Key selling pointHPE DDR4 2400 MT/s Standard Memory modules reduce power consumption by up to 20% in comparison to DDR4 2133 MT/s memory modules.
Key selling pointHPE DDR4 Standard Memory has built-in intelligence (advanced error detection) to improve performance, reduce downtime and lower energy costs.
Key selling pointHPE DDR4 Standard Memory is an affordable solution for small and medium business and remote and branch office customers.
Key selling pointHPE DDR4 Standard Memory performs at industry-standard speeds.
Key selling pointHPE DDR4 Standard Memory provides excellent quality and support for HPE ML Gen9 and DL Gen9 10/100 servers.
Key selling pointQuality and reliability is engineered into every HPE DDR4 Standard Memory product.
OverviewAre you looking for enterprise-quality server memory at a lower cost? Small and medium business owners often must choose between the need for high-performance server memory that supports their workloads and the simultaneous desire to control capital and operating expenses. With HPE DDR4 Standard Memory, you don't need to choose between performance and cost efficiency. HPE Standard Memory options are designed to deliver performance, reliability and efficiency at an affordable price. Unlike third-party alternatives, HPE Standard Memory is sourced from the highest-quality DRAMS and undergoes a rigorous testing and authentication process. This extensive testing ensures that it is completely compatible with and optimized for entry-level HPE server platforms to perform to industry-defined specifications.
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